The Christ Candle: Love

12 24, 2023

What if what they say is true? Creation, that speaks the power and wisdom of the God whose word birthed order and meaning out of chaos and nothingness? Scripture, the written revelation of who God is and who God created us to be? ...more»

Joseph: Peace

12 24, 2023

What if what they said was true? The angel who told Joseph that he, a carpenter, was being called to raise a savior? The wise men who said they’d followed a star and who brought gifts fit for a ...more»

The Shepherds: Joy

12 17, 2023

What if what they said was true? The angel who appeared in a blinding light and said, “Fear not!” Who said the Savior had been born that day, and was lying in – of all places – a manger? A place where livestock were fed and shepherds weren’t turned away with wrinkled noses. The multitude ...more»

Mary: Faith

12 10, 2023

What if what they said was true? The angel who called Mary highly favored and told her that she’d be the mother of a king? Elizabeth, whose own miracle child leaped for joy in her once-barren womb, and who ...more»

The Wise Men: Hope

12 03, 2023

What if what they said was true? The star that appeared, announcing something new and world-changing? The prophecy that sent the seekers ...more»

From Chaos to Order

04 22, 2023

When I was a kid, I was a bit of a pack rat. My mom, on the other hand, liked order and organization. Every spring, I knew she’d do a full spring cleaning blitz of our ...more»

Where God's Space and Our Space Meet

04 17, 2023

If you’ve ever tried to read through the Bible from start to finish, you probably started Genesis with great intentions and ambition. But if you’re like a lot of people (myself, included), you probably started to lose steam once you hit the Old Testament laws about halfway into the book of Exodus, slogged through Leviticus, and gave up altogether when you hit the wall of census lists in Numbers. Welcome to the club. Last year, I took the “Torah Journey” using ...more»

The Meaning of Life - or, The Big Why

03 28, 2023

Who hasn’t wondered about the meaning of life, the universe and everything? Every religion and philosophy has its version of an answer. Some are spiritual: “To glorify God.” “To attain oneness with the universe.” “To attain enlightenment.” Some are noble: “To leave the world a better place ...more»

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

05 21, 2022

I love my husband and family, but over the past week, I’ve had the rare treat of having the house all to myself. (Well, I’ve been sharing it with the cat. Or he’s been sharing it with me. Depends on which one of us you ask.) Several ...more»

Forgiving the Debt That Can't Be Paid

03 26, 2022

Our truck was stolen a few weeks ago. Funny how we react to things. I got up one morning, looked out at the driveway and saw a big empty space where I expected to see a pickup. I would have expected to feel angry and violated. Instead, I just thought, “Huh,” and went ...more»