At the Crossroads

When you read the Bible, do you ever feel like the people in the stories have little or nothing in common with you? That you could never be a hero of the faith? A great evangelist? An example?

How about a coward? Somebody with a past? Someone who has it all in control at one moment, and drops the ball the next moment? Somebody who has a hard time stepping out in faith because you have no idea where that will lead, or whether it will even make a difference? See, those are things I can identify with. And so could a lot of the people we read about in the Bible.

Picture them:

John the Baptist sits in a dungeon, wondering, “Was Jesus really the One?” or were his efforts all for nothing …

Knowing she can no longer hide her son, Jochebed struggles to place her baby, Moses, into a basket and his life into God’s hands …

Joseph battles feelings of humiliation and betrayal while wondering what he could possibly offer the Messiah …

Most of us have never had superhuman strength or taken down a giant with a slingshot. But like the heroes of the Bible, we all find ourselves at crossroads, where we need to make hard choices. To obey God or turn away. To trust God or give in to fear. To accept God’s sovereignty, even when we don’t understand Him.

The monologues in At the Crossroad portray familiar people from the Bible at crossroads of their own, facing challenges and choices that in many ways mirror our own. Whether you perform these pieces or simply read them as story or meditation, my hope is that you’ll see familiar people from the pages of the Bible in a new way.

Let their choices inspire yours.